Flublok FAQs

Have a question for us or just want to learn more about Flublok? Our answers to frequently asked questions are provided below.

Is Flublok covered by insurance companies? Will it be reimbursed?

Flublok is covered by most insurance companies including Medicare and Medicaid.

Is it true that Flublok is only approved for people 18-49 years old?

False, Flublok is approved for anyone 18 and older.

Who can receive Flublok?

Flublok is approved and recommended for all adults 18 and over. Also, the ACIP specifically recommends Flublok for adults who have ever had an egg allergy regardless of severity. Pregnant women can choose Flublok as well. Flublok is pregnancy category B, which means that studies in animals have shown no risk.

Can I get the flu from Flublok?

You absolutely can not get the flu from Flublok

How is Flublok administered?

Flublok is given in your upper arm - the same place you receive other flu shots.

Where can I get Flublok?

To find Flublok near you, please visit our "Get Flublok" page.

What makes Flublok different?

Flublok is the only licensed flu vaccine that does not use eggs, antibiotics or influenza virus in any part of the manufacturing process. It is made using modern technology to produce just the protective ingredients needed to protect you from getting the flu. Additionally, Flublok is highly purified and free of impurities that may cause adverse reactions such as: thimerosal, latex, antibiotics, formaldehyde, gelatin, egg protein and influenza virus. Flublok also has three times more active ingredient than traditional flu vaccines, and it demonstrated a higher antibody response to the A strains of influenza in 2 clinical trials in adults ≥50 years old. The B strain antibody response was comparable to traditional trivalent vaccine.

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